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Ausstellung: Coral Teeth

Künstlerhaus Wendenstraße Studio 45, Wendenstraße 45 b/c, 20097 Hamburg 10.3. 15:00 – 19.3. 19:00 Uhr


Ausstellung von stART.up-Alumni:ae Lulu MacDonald und Mai Gräf

According to Greek mythology, few mortals re-surface alive after a visit to Hades down the River Styx. This descent, traversing from the land of the living into that of the dead, is called katabasis - sinking ever deeper into the unknown with no promise of a return. ‘Coral Teeth’ embarks on a kind of artistic katabasis, as it ventures to the deepest parts of the ocean. 
Exploring the chthonic space is something both Maik Gräf and Lulu MacDonald navigate in their separate practices. In this collaborative show, the two artists explore the darkness of the ocean together and plunge ever further into its watery depths. Like deep sea divers, they succumbed to the murky wetness of the dark room, a space which felt instinctive to Gräf, a photographer, who moved around in the dark with ease, understanding when he must take a break, breathe the light. As they descended, sculptor MacDonald held onto Gräf like a diver's guiding rope, carefully experiencing the dark room for the first time, as her lungs acclimatised and her eyes adjusted.

Eröffnung: 10.03.2023 um 19:00 Uhr

Die Ausstellung "Coral Teeth" wird von der Claussen-Simon-Stiftung gefördert